Articulated boom screens

The range of folding arm awnings consists of standard versions with an open box, semi-cassette or full cassette versions in which the fabric is protected in a closed position against the effects of the weather. With the choice of manual or electrical operation you easily determine the user comfort

Control over the temperature

Do you prefer to spend the whole day outside on a sunny day? Consider what you can do on a hot day. Have a nice barbecue with friends or read a book in peace. Great if you can also get out of the bright sun. With a sunshade you determine the amount of sunlight and the temperature on your terrace.

Protected against UV radiation

A sunshade is a very effective product in protecting against harmful ultraviolet rays on your terrace. The sun protection screen blocks on average between 90 and 99% of the UV radiation. In addition, you can easily regulate the temperature on your terrace with your awning. Is it high summer and do you think it will be too hot on your terrace? Then open the screen and experience that the light intensity and heat on your terrace immediately decrease.

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