The plastic frames can be supplied in various profile types

We supply two brands of frames. Namely Gealan and Veka. Both brands have their own appearance and possibilities.

HVL KOZIJN (Wood Connection Look)
In recent years we have succeeded in copying the natural appearance of a wooden frame. With the help of a foil with a wood grain structure, a plastic frame can hardly be distinguished from a wooden frame.

One striking feature clearly shows that a plastic frame is not made of wood. The corners of a plastic frame are welded at an oblique angle. Such a weld provides the strength and robustness of a frame. Unfortunately, the oblique weld can give an industrial feel.

Until today! Our factory has an innovative production technique in which the robustness of the weld is kept, but the oblique weld becomes virtually invisible. Instead of the oblique weld, a connection is visible as one is used to with a wooden frame.

Our factory proves that quality is very important to us. Our factory is the first producer to have the KOMO certificate on the production of the innovative HVL frame

There is no more excuse for not opting for plastic frames. Beautiful, safe and sustainable!


Frames, windows, doors and sliding doors in many designs are possible. You can also choose from a large range of colors. Both the acrylic colors and the colors with a wood grain structure, the so-called renolit foil, are no problem. Many types of glass, fittings, door panels, insect screens and interior sun protection are also among the options that we can offer you as a customer.

In this way we can design the desired plastic frames based on your wishes for years of enjoyment. Because plastic frames are low in maintenance and will last a lifetime.

In addition, all plastic frames meet the police standard “Veilig Wonen” as standard.

Realwood® | The real wood grain oil
Does natural plastic exist? Hell yes! Meet our newest innovation: Realwood.

Many people are afraid that plastic frames will only provide comfort and save paint, but will reduce the appearance of the house. However, the opposite is true. To maintain that look, you must ensure that the new material (plastic) matches the old wooden frames as much as possible. Something that is often solved with so-called wood grain oil.

Realwood is the wood grain film that bleaches all other films. Instead of the 'pits' of traditional films, this is the film with a real 'flame'. We deliver on what many have promised: these frames are indistinguishable from wood. This way you can be sure that your house will retain its appearance while at the same time enjoying the benefits of plastic!

With Realwood we have succeeded in surpassing the natural appearance of a wooden frame. You could tell by one striking feature that it is a plastic frame, namely the corners; they are absent. This weld makes the frame sturdy and robust, but can give an industrial feel. The innovative production technology of the HVL connection (HoutVerbindingsLook) makes this weld invisible and gives it the same appearance as the connection of a wooden frame. With Realwood, an HVL connection and the Cube + profile you have the total package for a natural, wooden look of your window frames and therefore your house!

Realwood is currently available in the 7 most common colors, so that you can retain the look of your home even with colored frames!

Realwood is available in:

  • Cream white
  • Antracite grey
  • Quarter gray
  • Deep black
  • Pine green
  • Steel blue
  • Pure white

Realwood®: The only real wood grain film
We strive to combine the advantages of plastic frames with the look and feel of wooden frames. The argument that wood is more beautiful is a thing of the past. With Realwood we deliver on what many have promised: our frame is indistinguishable from wood.

Instead of the 'pits' of traditional wood grain oil, Realwood has the real 'flame'. With Realwood, an HVL connection and the Cube + profile, you have the total package for a natural, wooden look of your window frames.

Why Realwood:

  • Unique in the Netherlands
  • Real wood flame, indistinguishable from a wooden frame
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Preservation of natural appearance
  • Matter than traditional foil
  • Look and feel of a wooden frame
  • Perfect in combination with HVL and Kubus +


  • Realwood Cream white ± RAL 9001
  • Realwood Anthracite gray ± RAL 7016
  • Realwood Quartz gray ± RAL 7039
  • Realwood Deep black ± RAL 9005
  • Realwood Pine ± RAL 6009
  • Realwood Steel blue ± RAL 5011
  • Realwood Pure white ± RAL 9010


  • CE mark
  • Of course a 10 year guarantee on the frame and the foil (exception Deep Black, that is 5 years)
  • Available in the 7 most beautiful colors
  • Delivered based on traffic white or cream white
  • Possible on the outside of the frame