De Konstruktie is your specialist in the field of all aluminum frames.

The profile we deliver can be ordered to size and in any desired color.

The aluminum systems are designed in such a way that all your wishes and requirements can be translated into a building plan. Not only modern and futuristic buildings, but also traditional and classic objects can be effortlessly combined with our aluminum systems.

This factory - from which we purchase the aluminum frames - is based in the Netherlands.

Aluminum products
In addition to all the advantages such as excellent sound insulation, burglary protection and high thermal insulation value, an aluminum construction of the Constitution offers another very important advantage: the lacquer or anodising layer of the profiles is colorfast and very durable, so you never have to paint it again .

The long service life and low maintenance costs make the aluminum systems a sustainable investment.

The aluminum frames can be supplied in various profile types. From the flat slim profile to the simulated steel profile. We can also supply various frame types for aluminum window frames, just think of tilt and turn windows, sliding windows, sliding doors, rear doors and front doors.

All these frames have the advantage that they are made of two separate parts. Namely the inside room and the outside room. Because of this you will never again get condensation on the inside of the frame. Something that used to be the case with the uninsulated aluminum frames. The advantage of this is that you can apply different colors both inside and outside.