(Ritz) screens

The assortment of screens consists of 2 types of versions, namely the standard screen and the ritzscreen. With the choice of manual or electrical operation you easily determine the user comfort

More privacy?

With ritzscreens® you create more privacy in your home. So you often have a moment for yourself to, for example, perform your yoga exercises in peace in the living room? Very pleasant if the neighbor or the postman cannot enjoy this! Ritzscreens offer you the possibility to do whatever you want in your home at any time of the day.

In control with ritzscreens®

The sun-resistant cloth from ritzscreens® blocks the heat and light glare from the sun. This way you can watch television undisturbed, without incident sunlight on your television screen. Why are ritzscreens® so effective in providing extra privacy? Thanks to ritzscreens®, your home can no longer be viewed from the outside, while you can continue to look outside. In addition, ritzscreens® ensure a pleasant living environment in your home.

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