The blinds that you choose on your blinds are made from thoroughly dyed polyacrylate fibers and are therefore exceptionally colourfast. The fabric is impregnated after weaving so that it is optimally water and dirt repellent. An extensive color palette of unis, block stripes and fantasy designs allows you to give your sun protection a personal touch.

Blinds are produced with the greatest care. Nevertheless, with the current state of the art and the applicable environmental requirements, there are limitations. Symptoms may occur in the canvas. These are - despite the best production and processing and clothing technology - unavoidable. The symptoms do not diminish the value and the robustness of the awning!

In order to prevent annoyances, the manufacturers - in the context of consumer information - emphasize the following characteristics:

Folding folds occur during confection and when folding the cloths. In addition, especially with light colors, pigment shifts may occur in the buckle. These are colored dark against the light and therefore look like dirty stripes. Kink folds do not reduce the quality of the fabric.

Pinstripes are light stripes. These occur during the processing of finished cloth (cloth that has been given a protective layer) and cannot even be avoided entirely with the greatest care.

Acrylic awning fabrics are water-repellent impregnated and - with a minimum angle of 14 ° - resistant to a small rain shower. The screens must be rolled in during heavy and prolonged rain showers. This is necessary to prevent possible damage to the screen and / or screen. Our advice: roll wet rolled cloths out again as quickly as possible to let them dry.

In the vicinity of the seams and seams of the webs, different layer thicknesses are created on the fabric roll due to double layers of cloth. The resulting dust stresses can cause waves (for example, waffle or herringbone pattern).
In principle, these effects occur to a greater or lesser extent with almost all sun blinds. However, they do not in any way reduce the quality of the product.

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